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Site History

From then to now

vcedata.com has had a long history since its creation in 1998.

It began in yonks ago when I was teaching at McKinnon Secondary College and needed a place to store my teaching notes so I wouldn't forget stuff during theory classes. That was

mckinnonsc.vic.edu.au/la/it/ipmnotes - A memorable URL, I will admit.

You can see its early days here..

In (about) 2000 I had to move to site to another place, so I created


until a change in the study design made me realise I couldn't be bothered changing everything and decided to retire.

After a couple of years I felt the need to continue the mission, and since vceit.com was taken over by a commercial group of site squatters, I created...


which is where we are now.

Maybe not for much longer. Enrolments in VCE IT subjects have been declining for years, and the site has little to offer anyone any more.

And Data Analytics is about as interesting as French-kissing a frog's foot. So if I continue past 2024, I might just focus on Software Development.



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