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Funny IT Pix

How times change

How not to design user interfaces. Lesson 1

How not to write user documentation. Lesson 1

My design skills are nearly as good as this... (sob)

Ah. That's better.

The USA FBI's fingerprint files in 1944.

Yes - to identify a criminal's prints, they had to manually search this.

For those who are interested, here are the site statistics for this year (at 2022-11-30)...

Can you guess when the exams happened?

Shoeboxes were in demand for carrying punchcards to the data centre...

Yeah. These stats may be a bit dodgy

When looking at statistics, your first rule is the Sanity Test. Do the numbers make ANY sort of logical sense?

So, you think global internet is all satellites and stuff? No. Most of it is good old undersea cables.

Can you tell that the 2022 exams are approaching? Here are some recent stats from the domain:

Network cabling - such a vision of loveliness. And imagine how easy maintenance and upgrades will be.

How not to cable electrics. Have you NO shame?

Threats to your data #1

Overclocking may cause serious overheating

Sometimes, "common-sense" security ignores the bleeding obvious exploit

Don't give intruders clues...

Disgruntled employees are your most dangerous enemy. They have access to your most sensitive data.

Interface failure

Bad day for the file server

"Elegant Coding"


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