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2022-08-11 - Big quantum computing news!
Instead of the more common ion chains, silicon quantum dots, or superconducting transmon qubits,
Quantum Brilliance took advantage of specifically implanted nitrogen-vacancy centres in synthetic diamonds (where a carbon atom is replaced by a nitrogen one)

So, yay! My mum and I thought this would happen ages ago.

2022-08-11 - Help needed with annotating Gantt charts.
One of the key skills in DA is annotating a Gantt chart, and I have no idea of what this is supposed to look like.
In an exam, it will obviously be done by hand, but how should it be done?
In The Real World ™ Gantt charts are done electronically, but my favourite (free) Gantt tool (GanttProject) has no such ability.

I would be grateful if anyone could send me ( an example of a VCAA-endorsed annotated Gantt chart.
Thanks in advance.


2022-08-05 - I was planning to maintain this site for a year and see whether it was worth the effort.
But after 198 days, it seems to have no benefit to man nor dog.
I might wind things up shortly. It all seems to be a waste of my time, money, and bandwidth.

2022-08-04 - From Australian Personal Computer - you can't trust anyone... even the Cloud...

"It’s possible that Amazon might pull the plug on the entire Alexa infrastructure. The news that Insteon, purveyors of IoT smart home products, has suddenly shut down will come as an unpleasant surprise to its erstwhile customers. The servers are gone, as are the website’s support pages. There is some hope that it will be possible to resuscitate the service to a minimal level, if only to allow existing customers to migrate data to a different service, but that remains a hope at this stage.
I’m not surprised that there has been a casualty like this. Any product that relies on an intimate relationship with a cloud service for it to function is at risk of that service failing or disappearing altogether."

2022-07-17 - For a course about computing and data analytics, you'd surely expect some mention of statistics, right?
But I've created a page on statistics, just in case VCAA pulls their finger out
and realises the massive logical hole they left in the course.

2022-07-10 - Is there anybody out there? The only feedback I've received is "Hi".

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