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VCE Applied Computing, VCE Data Analytics, VCE Software Development

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Applied Computing units 1 and 2 (AC)

Applied Computing / Data Analytics units 3 and 4 (DA)

Applied Computing / Software Development units 3 and 4 (SD)

SATs (outcome tasks) and software needed

VCAA Glossary

Old exam post mortems. They're not recent, but their logic often applies to new exams.

Exam tips based on the 2020 DA Sample Exam - yep! still in progress

My Exam Tips

Site News and blog

Basic statistics - even though VCAA doesn't consider the topic relevant to "Data Analytics" !


New stuff

2023-01-03 - Started a post mortem of the 2022 Data Analytics exam. Be patient.

2022-12-31 - Interesting stats on 2021 enrolments in Applied Computing (Data Analytics + Software Development, units 3+4).

There were 98 providers (schools).

There were a total of 807 males (98% of total) and 168 females.

Satisfactorily completed the course: Males 98%, females 100%. Sorry guys! The girls win.

And according to, in November 2022, the world population reached an estimated 8 billion people. The number of internet users is around 5.47 billion.

2022-12-28 - It only took nearly 2 months, but finally I now have copies of both the [CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] 2022 SD exam and 2022 DA (Data Analytics) exam.
Thanks to the kind souls who helped out. Post mortems MAY be on their way, but I can't make promises.

2022-12-14 - Got around to doing some "Find the Wrong Old Crap and Fix It" stuff. Today, I repaired the Statistics page.
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